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In - Flight Video

Through a partnership with the Cape Verdean Consulate General’s office, new immigrants view a video explaining multiple aspects of the immigration process, some of the challenges immigrants face, and the support that the Immigrant Resource Center can provide. This video serves as an introduction to the program and helps to build trust for the program among community members.

Financial Management

Staff at the New Immigrant Resource Center are available to speak with new or recent to help connect clients with institutions and services they might not be aware of or able to access on their own. In particular, staff help families to register their children for school, connect with local community events, register for HealthCare, and assess their own basic needs. Immigrant Resource Center staff have compiled a database and searchable binder of contacts at key public and non-profit institutions that serve Cape Verdean clients.

ESOL Classes

After initial ESOL class offerings generated an overwhelming turnout of interested community members, the Immigrant Resource Center began offering regular 10-week English classes at a beginner/survival English and intermediate skill level. These classes are recommended for any prospective Citizenship applicant, since such language skills are part of the evaluation.

The Immigrant Resource Center provides an


 to help assimilate into a new culture.

Citizenship Classes & Application Assistance

To ease the burden on citizenship applicants who might otherwise seek help from private providers, the Immigrant Resource Center has offered both 10-week classes in the U.S. civics needed for the Citizenship test and helped to complete and submit applications for clients.

Computer Class

Based on community need, organizational capacity, and availability of partners, Cape Verdean Association of Boston will host Computer Classes. Providing basic knowledge of computer principles including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and email.

Kriolu Language

& Culture Class

With an emphasis on service providers working in the Cape Verdean community, students learn from expert Cape Verdean language instructors as they work through the lessons of Pa Nu Papia Kriolu. Offered in sections for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, the class introduces students to the culture of the Cape Verdean community as they learn language skills needed for communicating in Kriolu.

Resource Classes

Based on community need, organizational capacity, and availability of partners, Cape Verdean Association of Boston will host external resource classes through the New Immigrant Resource Center. These classes could include financial assistance, technological literacy, or parenting skills.

Voter Registration

Cape Verdean Association of Boston engages in on-going voter registration efforts in the community. These efforts include access to Voter Registration forms in the Resource Center, Voter Registration tables, and door-knocking efforts. Clients who have completed Citizenship classes through Cape Verdean Association of Boston and successfully apply for US Citizenship are also supported to ensure they and their children are registered to vote.

Orientation Class

An 8-week orientation designed for new arrivals helps introduce new clients to services, programs, and systems in the City of Boston. Participants learn about the processes, expectations, and supports that are available through the Immigrant Resource Center or our partners. Particular attention is paid to MassHealth registration and school enrollment.

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