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Leadership Training

Teens are trained in organizing efforts under the supervision of a Youth Organizer. Training regularly features an external partner or members of an Association network, who will present on a topic. Training topics include leadership, door-knocking, event organizing, public policy issues, and public speaking.  Additionally, youth develop a vocabulary with which to discuss and evaluate the community projects that they plan.

Advocacy Campaign

With a developed understanding of the advocacy process, community’s needs, and their own opinions, participants will assist with ongoing community organizing work through the Association. Their organizing work leads to small community meetings with residents, sharing information about upcoming events, and speaking or facilitating association events. Participants pick up a piece of the ongoing advocacy and organizing work, pursuing tangible goals on a program-specific timeline. Current campaigns include Youth Jobs and Education advocacy.

Community Research

Under the guidance of the Association’s Academic Advisory Committee, Youth Leaders conduct research as part of the larger public speaking and community projects they engage in through the program.  In the past, these projects have included an assets-based community survey and academic research.  When conducting the assets based survey, youth reached out to community members to determine their opinions and needs, while listening for possible solutions.  This data is collected and analyzed, ultimately used to substantiate and direct the organization's strategic goals.

Voter Education

During the Election years, youth leaders conduct voter education and registration as part of their training in community organizing.  Following all legal guidelines for non-profit organizations to remain non-partisan, the youth leaders seek voter pledges from community members, register residents to vote, and host community forums.

Youth Summit

The Youth Leadership Academy culminates in a summit showcasing the work of teens during the program.  During election years, summits take the form of candidate forums. Youth speakers and public officials speak to the challenges the community faces, what has been done so far, and ways that youth can get involved in making a difference going forward.  This event is entirely youth-led and facilitated.

The Cabral Youth Leadership Academy


 provides teens with the opportunity to develop

their opinions &  put their beliefs into action. 

For more information contact Estevao Gomes at

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