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The Cape Verdean Association of Boston brings together a group of human service providers and clergy that work with the Cape Verdean community in Roxbury and Dorchester. The group meets on the Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM to collaborate on joint projects, coordinate service delivery, improve access to services, and inform the community on various issues.  

Network Meetings

The Cape Verdean Providers meet on a monthly basis to review community events, share information, and update each other on their current activity.  These meetings provide members a forum to communicate individually as well as organizationally, building relationships between organizations and allowing members the opportunity to identify possible collaborations. Additionally, these meetings allow organizations a chance to share and hear from each other regarding best practices and culturally competent practices.

Trauma Response

& Recovery Team

The Cape Verdean Providers partners, Dorchester House, Bowdoin Street Health Center, Uphams Corner Health Center, and the Lewis Brown Peace Institute compose the network’s Trauma Response and Recovery Team.  Since each of these organizations plays a central role in providing mental health and health care services to the community, they work together in the event of a traumatic event to ensure families receive appropriate levels or care and services.  They Trauma Response and Recovery Team coordinates communication with the family for other organizations, including partnering schools, police, funeral homes, and public agencies.

Coordinated Service

Occasionally, the network or community as a whole will be called upon to respond in a unified manner. Unfortunately, this often occurs in the event of traumatic violence in the community or other social problems. By convening the network regularly, and maintaining a contact database, Cape Verdean Association of Boston is able to quickly organize numerous service providers to ensure that a timely and effective response can be created.  By centralizing this coordination, Cape Verdean Association of Boston  preemptively reduces conflicts that can arise between agencies and hinder organizations to provide high quality service to the community.

Network Events

On an annual basis, Cape Verdean Association of Boston brings the membership of the Cape Verdean providers together for networking events.  These events provide a chance to build relationships between network members and an opportunity for members to meet each other individually.

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