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Cape Verdean Association of Boston cultivates the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the numerous Cape Verdean young professionals in a social setting for this facet of the community to grow.  As more and more Cape Verdeans graduate from College and enter the workforce, the Young Professionals’ Network is essential to maintaining their sense of community and communal identity.  Additionally, the network provides a straightforward way for members to give back to the community in other facets.

Network Meetings

Members attend monthly networking meetings that provide them an opportunity to meet other Cape Verdean Young Professionals’ and develop their sense of community and identity. Additionally, these meetings provide a forum to share information regarding the Young Professionals’ Network, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, Cape Verdean Association of Boston, and announcements from members.

Volunteer Opportunties

Members of the Young Professionals’ network are encouraged to volunteer, or support community events run through the Cape Verdean Association of Boston.  These events are organized through the network and advertised through the networks’ newsletter and networking meetings.  Volunteering activities can include support at Community Day, assistance with leadership trainings, or mentoring youth individually.

Updates and Outreach

Cape Verdean Association of Boston engages the members of the young professionals’ network through its monthly newsletter and website.  This provides members access to the information and opportunities shared at networking meetings even if they are not able to attend.  By providing members a variety of opportunities to get engaged, Cape Verdean Association of Boston ensures that all of its members can find a way to get engaged.

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